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At San Jose Primary, we are driven to give our community access to a K to grade 12 school system where learning and instruction are authentic, social-emotional education is embedded in our curriculum, the whole child is developed, and the love for learning is expanded.

San Jose Primary focuses on the early years, but we work symbiotically with San Jose Primary, which is known for its college preparatory program, early college options, technology certifications and an extracurricular program that develops the interests and strengths of the whole learner.

At San Jose Primary, we are building a curriculum that is inquiry- and solutions-based. We will use cooperative learning structures that enhance student potential. Students and staff members even learn strategies to become “better learners.” This is called “metacognition.” It equips them to thrive in our digital age, to participate fully in our diverse local and world communities, and to participate successfully and productively in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Foundational Components for San Jose Primary - Authentic Learning

Authentic Learning puts students in greater control of their learning. Student engagement increases when there is higher personal interest. This motivation sparks creativity and allows for accommodation and assimilation of new concepts and skills. The end result is that students are better prepared for success for life beyond San Jose Schools when applying the same skill set to whatever comes in an ever-changing world. The four main themes of Authentic Learning are:

  • Activities that involve real-world problems and that imitate the work of adults

  • Use of open-ended inquiry, thinking skills and metacognition

  • Students engage in discourse and social learning in a community of learners

  • Students direct their own learning in project-based activities


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